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With My Kitchen In Mind

April 15, 2010

I was browsing through Design*Sponge one day when I came across this amazing before and after.  I was floored and it immediately got me thinking of the new possibilites for our kitchen, short of having a complete renovation.

Here's how Mike's kitchen looked before:

And after:

I heart this.

When financies permitted, we were planning to have a professional contractor renovate our kitchen with the works: granite countertops, new cabinets, double-ovens and removing the sink from the island to the main wall (around where the stove is now).  We also want a larger island that is angular with bar seating.  This is a minimum $20,000 undertaking if you include new appliances.  Much to my chagrin, the backyard redo takes priority to my kitchen, so we're a few years away from anything major in this area. 

But, seeing this before and after is inspiring me to do a few cosmetic things myself, that will not only make it look like a newer kitchen, but feel like one too. 

Our kitchen has changed little from when the home was built in 1998 and it still includes all the original cabinetry and fixtures.  I think the only razzle dazzle the area has seen are the brushed nickel pulls on the cabinet doors and drawers.  Well, and probably the new paint we've added, which is too minty a shade of green.  It's GOT.TO.GO.

Photo taken from eat-in kitchen area

My thoughts:
  • Paint the cabinets bright white. 

  • Paint the kitchen and eat-in walls a more olive shade of green, which would hopefully subdue the bright-whiteness of an area that already gets A LOT of natural light.

  • Resurface the countertops.  As much as I loved Mike's wood countertops, it just wouldn't fly for this amateur cake decorator, I'd feel more comfortable with granite.

  • Glass-tile backsplash to class it up.

  • Replace fridge, range and microwave with stainless.  The fridge is a no-brainer, since this one we have now is much too small.  And to save counterspace, mount the microwave over the range.
  • Replace kitchen sink.  Our current sink is far too shallow, thus creating a watery mess when doing anything and everything that involves using it. 
  • Replace non-functioning undercabinet lighting.  Another no-brainer.
There is so much potential and a lot of it can be done without spending too much money. 

Hmph, I think I'll start pricing and putting together a budget.  At minimum, I can paint the cabinets and get started with tips from this great how-to:  http://www.younghouselove.com/2008/11/how-to-paint-your-kitchen-cabinets/

What little things have you done to spice up your kitchen?


Kara said...

Maybe you can two tone it to make it visually appealing - with a darker or lighter shade of whatever shade you pick - above the cabinets - that's alot of wall up there. Love the idea and LOVE glass blacksplashes

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

I've often had clients just paint cabinets rather than install new... especially if the kitchen is functional, still in good shape, and a good layout. A new backsplash and counters will work wonders and can potentially save thousands. Your kitchen has fantastic bones and will look great no matter what you do!

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