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FLOR Giveaway

April 13, 2010

Paloma at La Dolce Vita is hosting a giveaway for a custom 5' x 7' area rug from FLOR. 

If you're not familiar with FLOR, you need to get aquainted!  FLOR offers a versatile and unique rug design system consisting of 19.7" squares in various patterns and textures.  It can easily accommodate a small area or carpet your entire space, all with their easy FLORdot installation.  Perfect for a homeowner like myself with tile flooring.

I'm quite fond of the Souk Chic pattern and think it would look great in our eat-in, kitchen area.   

It calls to me.  I love the middle-eastern feel in cool shades of browns, blues and greens.  {swoon}

Visit La Dolce Vita if you'd like to enter this fabulous giveaway.

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